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AMARU was born in our hope to bring a healthy lifestyle to the people, based on exercise and nutrition with a holistic approach.

Kundalini Our goal is to provide an integral, functional and preventive type of Medicine, where we can harness the power of physical activity through exercise medicine and science and combine it with your dreams to avoid or reduce medications and live fully and happy.

Everybody searches for a change in her/his life. Sometimes it is hard to begin. We are here for you.

AMARU is under Dr. Jorge Villaran direction, M.D. and Sports Medicine specialist with broad international experience.

Whether your an athlete or a sports amateur, someone who has been al his/her life working out in a gym or someone who has not started yet, if you are focused on the aesthetics or if you are a health professional and you do not know where to send your patient  to start or increase their exercising, we are here to help you. 

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